Zimbra Wrapper Client

ZwClient brings the powerful Zimbra Webmail to your desktop. Enjoy Zimbra in a fully optimized browser application coded in C# using the latest available Chromium component. Choose landing page, language and more from the prefrences window. Optimized to the fullest for a great Zimbra experience.

One-time fee


Getting Started

Getting help

You can use the bug report form to report a problem or use our contact form if you want to submit a support ticket. Please make sure you meet our requirements below before submiting a bug report or support ticket.


ZwClient only requires Windows 7+ OS and the following packages from Microsoft.
.NET Framework 4.5
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (x86)

Settings – Cache

ZwClient default cache location is: Users\[user]\AppData\Local\ZwClient. It’s safe to delete the cahce but:
– Removing the ZwClient named directory will remove the application settings file
– You’ll need to re-enable “Offline mode” in Zimbra

Settings – Graphics

You can play around with the GPU settings if you experience graphical problems and if you have blurry fonts please check the “Disable DirectWrite for font rendering” checkbox.

Settings – Network

– Disable automatic proxy detection, check this option if you don’t use a proxy. It will give you a small performance boost.

– Allow self-signed SSL certificates, you have to check this checkbox if you don’t have a commerical SSL certificate.

Plugin – Notifications

The notification plugin will display a toast message when you recive a message or when a download is complete.
– Time diff server – If you need to adjust the time on the server response to match the time on your client
– Time diff client – If you need to adjust the time on the client to match the time on the server
– Color of notification – Choose between: Light, Dark, Blue, Green, Orange
– Check mail interval – How often should ZwClient check your inbox

The notifications are toast-like but not native toasts so they work on Windows 7+.

Google Search – Select a word or sentence and search on Google
Google Translate – Select a word or sentence and translate it to your language
Wikipedia Search – Select a word or sentence and search on Wikipedia

Right click on a link inside a message and choose Scan on Sucuri or Urlvoid to scan the link and see if it’s safe

Plugin – Check attachments

Warns the user if the attachment they are trying to download is suspicious by checking the file extension and filename.


ZwClient requires a license to work. The license file is named license.txt and must be located where the ZwClient executable is located.
Please use the contact form if you have license issues, you can use the trial request form if you want to get a free 30-day trial.